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"Hi Heather! I received my horse art today and it is absolutely incredible! I am thrilled that I found your equine art site. I can't wait to see what you do with the two dog portraits I ordered. Thank you SO much!"
Jen Baldwin, Arizona
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Art for Sale > Appaloosa Horse Art > Nez Perce War Pony

Appaloosa native american war pony horse art prints painting
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Nez Perce War Pony
To order, select the option you want and click Add to Cart. Sizes indicate outside dimensions of entire piece in inches.
Unframed art (view)
8" x 10" -- $30.00
9" x 12" -- $39.00
Framed art (view)
12" x 15" -- $70.00


This beautiful Appaloosa horse art painting would make a great addition to your home!

Swift, strong, and reliable, the war ponies of the Nez Perce Native American Indian tribe were treasured by their owners. Indian warriors often honored and protected their horses by adorning them in fancy regalia and painting symbols upon their bodies. This fine leopard spotted Nez Perce Appaloosa horse is decorated with eagle feathers (for courage and speed) and an intricately beaded forehead ornament (for prestige). The circle painted around the eye is meant to give the horse alert vision and ability to see enemies a long way off.

Celebrate the proud Native American heritage of the Appaloosa horse with this beautiful fine art reproduction created from Heather Rohde's original painting! Like all of Rohde's Appaloosa horse art, this piece features incredible detail that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. You can purchase Nez Perce War Pony unframed or framed in a brown wood designer frame with an antique white mat. Ready to hang on your wall right out of the box! Your Native American Appaloosa horse art is hand signed and numbered by the artist and is of exceptional quality. You are buying direct from the artist! A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

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