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Our Customers Say:
"Hi Heather! I received my horse art today and it is absolutely incredible! I am thrilled that I found your equine art site. I can't wait to see what you do with the two dog portraits I ordered. Thank you SO much!"
Jen Baldwin, Arizona
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Copyrights and Art Licensing

Rohde fine art licensing paintings illustration The quality and appeal of Rohde's art can add great value to your product, project, or organization. We have hundreds of animal and nature images available for your licensing needs, and you can even commission Rohde to create custom art. From book illustration to advertising graphics and everything in between, the sky is the limit for artistic possibilities!

Obtaining permissions to use Heather Rohde artwork
Commercial use: If you'd like to use Rohde art as a part of any commercial product or project (apparel, giftware, illustration, logos, cards, business website images, signs, calendars, advertising, etc.) you'll need to pay an art licensing fee in addition to signing a Rohde Fine Art Licensing Agreement in advance. Royalties might also apply depending on the type of image use.

Personal or noncommercial use: If you are an individual or nonprofit organization who wishes to use Rohde art for any noncommercial purpose (including but not limited to personal website, blog, or social media site graphics), Rohde requires you to get her express written permission in advance. No exceptions! Credit to the artist and a link to are also required.

To discover how Rohde's art licensing procedures relate to your particular project, please e-mail with a description of the art you're interested in and how you wish to use it. We'd welcome the opportunity to work with you! The artist will personally review your request and reply within 48 hours.

All Rohde art is protected by copyright law
Heather Rohde owns the copyrights to her art in all of its forms. Rohde's work is fully protected by law even if not marked with the copyright symbol shown at the top of this page. None of her art, past or present, is in the public domain. Please understand that the purchase of Rohde art (whether it be an original painting, custom portrait, or art reproduction) does not constitute a transfer of copyright ownership. To have the right to reproduce, "use" or distribute Rohde art for any particular purpose, you must have Heather Rohde's permission as outlined above. Unauthorized use of Rohde's art or designs in any form or manner, in whole or in part, is a serious crime that is strictly prohibited by National and International Copyright Laws. The Rohde Fine Art legal team is unrelenting on anyone who misuses Rohde art and aggressively pursues all violators.

Examples of illegal image use:
Unless the artist Heather Rohde gives you written permission through a signed Art Licensing or Image Use agreement, you are prohibited by law from doing any of the following acts:

• Creating products of any kind incorporating Rohde art in any form or manner.
• Making and/or selling copies, scans, photographs, or other reproductions of Rohde art.
• Using Rohde art in a logo or in any kind of advertising, sign, business cards, etc.
• Displaying Rohde art on any personal website, blog or forum, or in a webset, tube or signature.
• Sharing Rohde art on social media websites without crediting Heather Rohde as the artist.
• Including Rohde art in any printed media including articles, brochures, or newsletters.
• Downloading Rohde art from any online or physical location to a computer.
• Saving Rohde art to any kind of electronic or digital storage device.
• Printing Rohde art in any form or manner, whether on a home or commercial printer.
• Distributing Rohde art in any form either digitally (as through email) or physically.
• Creating art based on or derived from Rohde art and selling or publicly displaying it.
• Including Rohde art in film, video (including YouTube, etc.) or PowerPoint presentations.
• Using or reselling Rohde art (or art derived from it) as stock illustration, clip art, or tattoos.
• Modifying, altering or defacing any Rohde artwork in any form or manner.
• Removing any signature, copyright, or trademark from any type of Rohde art or graphic.

If you come across someone using Rohde's art in a questionable way or without proper credit, please report it to us immediately in the interests of supporting ethical business practices.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please contact us today to find out how we can serve your art licensing needs!